Mushroom Cultivation

Are you interested in growing your own batch of mushrooms? Here you will find links to obtain the necessary equipment, and some tips to help get you started!

The Basics

A pre-assembled kit is the best way to ease into growing mushrooms for the first time. We've provided a few links below for kits that we have enjoyed growing in the past. Growing with this method will allow you to enjoy a quick turn around with minimal investment.


Intermediate Grow

If you are interested in taking it a step further, assembling your own kit is fun and simple. It also allows you to have more control over the outcome. 

First, you’ll need a substrate to work with. A substrate can be anything that your mushroom likes to grow in. For example most substrates are made from grains, brown rice flour, saw dust, wood chips, or rye berries. What’s great about these is they are already sterilized and come with a self-healing injection port, to eliminate mess and reduce contamination.

Next, you’ll need a liquid culture containing the spores of the mushroom you plan to grow. You can purchase reliable syringes through the links below.

Forest organics syringe

Once you’ve received both your syringe, with culture, and the spawn bag you are ready for inoculation! It is always safe practice to sterilize your spore syringe before injecting your spawn bag.
For this, we suggest having an alcohol lamp, candle, lighter, or some source of steady flame to run the needle through. Heat sterilization eliminates the risk of unwanted contamination.
For fast results and even colonization, inject the spores in at least four different sites.

List of Supplies Recommended by Murphrooms

So what exactly do you need to make a Liquid Culture?

A sugar source, we recommend you use either raw honey (most store bought is not actually raw, it has been pasteurized in some way). You can also use Karo syrup, which is much easier to obtain, cheaper, and reliable. You will also need jar lids, specifically for liquid cultures. There are two options here: make your own OR buy them already made. If you buy them pre-made all you save is time, they are pretty pricey. If you decide to make your own, their are two ways to go about it.

1) Metal lids - These guys are cheap, easily replaced, and will work just as well as anything else. 
However, you will want to buy some extra, trust me it will be helpful in the long run.

2) Plastic lids - If you go with this route you have to order your jars from a third party supplier of autoclavable, plastic lids. 

You can find a good price on these, here:
Plastic Jar Lid Widemouth - 90 mm
Plastic Autoclavable Lids from Shroom Supply

Wondering how you should store your spores and liquid cultures for use later? Try keeping them in syringes! This is an easy way to both store and dose your inoculates. These syringes are also reusable.

Liquid Culture Syringes

10mL (10cc) Sterile Luer Lock syringes for spores and liquid cultures (100 count)

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