What's Growing?

What is growing right now:

Lions Mane Mushroom
Hericium erinaceus 

The Lion's Mane mushrooms is one of our personal favorites here at Murphrooms. Not only is it delicious, and known for its lobster-esque flavor, but it has numerous health benefits as well. Known as the "brain mushroom," in part for its brain like appearance while it is forming, and for its positive affects on memory and mood. Paul Stamets wrote and article for the Hufftingpost about the Lions Mane, which can be found here, that talks about the neuroprotective and neuroregentive properties of the mushroom.

In the wild, this mushroom can be found growing a wide range of hardwood trees. 

Oyster Mushrooms
Pleurotus ostreatus

The oyster mushroom is beautiful and delectable mushroom. Found throughout the temperate world, this mushroom is found growing on most deciduous hardwoods. The mushroom fruits in shelf-like, overlapping bunches. The caps of these mushrooms flatten with age and ultimately become slightly depressed, and are often wavy and lobed. When young these fruiting bodies start off a bluish-gray color and become off white and brownish with age. The gills of an oyster are found running down the length of the stem in a decurrent manner.

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